Too Much… Automation?

Our topic for episode 5 attempts to answer a question that seems like it should have an obvious one: is there such a thing as too much automation. Many would say “Of course not,” but is it that simple? Is blindly automating everything in sight the best use of time and resources and, more importantly, the best way to manage risk in the release process? Join the conversation as we try to answer:

Is There Such a Thing as “Too Much Automation?”

Join J. Paul Reed, aka @SoberBuildEng, Youssuf El-Kalay, aka @buildscientist, and Seth Thomas, aka @cheeseplus, and our newest co-host, Sascha Bates, aka @sascha_d, as we discuss the above, plus review the last couple of weeks in News & Views and answer listener questions in our new “DevOps Dear Abby” segment.

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Show Links/Notes

"Dear Abby for DevOps"

@cwebber asks "Why is it so hard to get people to talk about the culture aspect of #DevOps instead of the tools?"

@drakino asks "What are good questions to ask during an interview towards a potential employer. to gauge their current devops health?"

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Is automation always the way to go? What "automation horror stories" do you have?

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