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[SND] TheShipShow-Episode001.mp3 Why Even Bother With Release Engineering? (36:04) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode002.mp3 Is 'DevOps' Just 'Release Engineering for Web 2.0'? (38:05) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode003.mp3 Hire the Best! (56:39) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode004.mp3 Stop the Presses! (39:08) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode005.mp3 Too much. Automation? (47:06) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode006.mp3 A Conversation with Mark Burgess (1:08:29) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode007.mp3 Bootstrapping Your Developer Environments (51:28) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode008.mp3 Roll Your Own (52:01) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode009.mp3 Challenges Faced by the Enterprise Git Architect (1:05:27) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode010.mp3 When Your CI Tool Starts Looking Like a Sledgehammer (1:04:47) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode011.mp3 Langauges du Jour (59:49) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode012.mp3 In the NOC for the Holidays (45:09) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode013.mp3 Out with The 2012, In with The 2013 (1:06:08) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode014.mp3 What's in a Version? (50:42) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode015.mp3 Demystifying DevOps: A Chat with Damon Edwards (1:30:50) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode016.mp3 PaaS: Play or Passé? (1:03:51) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode017.mp3 Automate Your Infrastructure in 48 Hours or Your Pizza Is Free (56:22) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode018.mp3 Asked & Answered (1:01:36) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode019.mp3 ChefConf 2013 Revue (1:15:32) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode020.mp3 Does Your Entire Team Have to Git It? (48:22) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode021.mp3 Going, Going. Gone. (53:57) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode022.mp3 DevOpsDays Silicon Valley 2013 Super Panel (50:05) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode023.mp3 Practical Object OO (and Cat!) Design with Sandi Metz! (1:12:18) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode024.mp3 Training: Vapid or Valuable? (1:05:00) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode025.mp3 Keep Calm and PROD On (1:00:25) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode026.mp3 PuppetConf 2013 Revue (1:21:35) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode027.mp3 Branching, Merging, and Octopi (Oh My!) (59:37) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode028.mp3 Because You Watched DevOps, You Might Enjoy Netflix (52:53) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode029.mp3 To Be Continued: Release Engineering Tools at Netflix (54:19) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode030.mp3 Getting into Flow[Con] with Gene Kim and Jez Humble (1:04:41) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode031.mp3 A Cornucopia of Dev[Ops] Tools: A Chat with Atlassian (1:03:38) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode032.mp3 Whose Commit Is It Anyway? (1:00:24) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode033.mp3 Ringing in 2013++ (43:47) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode034.mp3 Infrastructure As A Service. You're Responsible For (1:00:04) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode035.mp3 Continuous Deployment. or Annoy-ment? (56:22) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode036.mp3 Myths, Archetypes, Heroes, and Imposters (1:03:49) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode037.mp3 Scaling Your Self-Service as a Service (54:32) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode038.mp3 A Year of The Phoenix Project with Gene Kim (1:02:44) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode039.mp3 Deciphering the 'Docker Lifestyle' (58:59) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode040.mp3 Delving Into the Delight of ChefConf 2014 (1:18:34) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode041.mp3 Your Profile Tells Me You're Perfect for this Amazing Podcast Opportunity (1:00:29) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode042.mp3 The State of DevOps Life in the Windows World (59:32) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode043.mp3 Extinguishing Burnout (53:02) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode044.mp3 Quantifying Quality (1:03:17) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode045.mp3 DevOps on the Silicon Prairie (1:11:15) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode046.mp3 The Epistemology of DevOps (1:06:55) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode047.mp3 Making Monitoring Work For You (52:44) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode048.mp3 Continuous All The Things: Flowcon 2014 (1:04:38) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode049.mp3 The Pulse of PuppetConf 2014 (1:04:27) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode050.mp3 Notes to Your Butler (1:07:54) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode051.mp3 Five Years of DevOps (and Its Days) (1:01:10) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode052.mp3 Managing the Magic of Micrososervices (1:05:49) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode053.mp3 Developing CareerOps (55:14) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode054.mp3 Packaging Your Software for Maximum Freshness (1:04:02) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode055.mp3 I Don't Always Test, But When I Do. (1:04:05) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode056.mp3 Who Monitors the Monitorama (57:46) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode057.mp3 Managing the CommunityOps (1:12:14) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode058.mp3 We May Have DevOps, but Does Ops Have the Dev? (1:03:48) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode059.mp3 The DevOps Checklist Manifesto (1:00:50) [SND] TheShipShow-Episode060.mp3 Extinguishing Burnout (1:36:16)

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