Stop the Presses!

In episode 4, we discuss what to do when “mistakes may have been made,” and it’s time to be solution-oriented! Whether it’s a deployment that replaced good code with bad, an infrastructure problem discovered after a maintenance window, or even a bug in the deployment process itself, join us as we look at:

Stop the Presses: The Ins & Outs of Rollbacks

Join J. Paul Reed, aka @SoberBuildEng, Youssuf El-Kalay, aka @buildscientist, and Seth Thomas, aka @cheeseplus, as we discuss the above, plus review the last couple of weeks in News & Views and look at yet more tools to help you ship in Tool Tips.

Or, download Episode 4, or any of our previous shows!

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Tool Tips


Vagrant is a tool focused on leveraging virtualization to make bringing up, configuring, managing, and tearing down environments for local developer usage and testing as simple as one command. As their front page says, they want to make “well, it works on my machine!” a relic of the past, something we whole-heartedly support here at The Ship Show!

As Seth says “If you’re not using Vagrant right now, the first thing you should go out and do is go to”

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