Branching, Merging, and Octopi (Oh My!)

With the explosion in popularity and usage of Git and its distributed version control brethren, developers finally have cheap, easy, local branching. But branching is pointless without merging, and many organizations are finding that the free-for-all merge process that Git can leave your organization with (mostly by being totally silent on the subject) is error prone, doesn’t scale, and may even destroy content! As you search for the perfect branching model, questions like “should we use fast-forward merges or merge commits,” “When do we rebase (if ever)?” and “What repository structure should we use” are bound to crop up, along with “can’t we just use git flow?” Join the panel as they grab a razor and a yak and talk:

Branching, Merging, and Octopi (Oh My!)

Join J. Paul Reed, aka @SoberBuildEng, Youssuf El-Kalay, aka @buildscientist, EJ Ciramella, aka @eciramella, Sascha Bates, aka @sascha_d, and Seth Thomas, aka @cheeseplus plus the last couple of weeks in News & Views and a Tool Tip!

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Tool Tip

Paul reviews Storm, a tool to “manage your SSH like a boss!”

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