A Cornucopia of Dev[Ops] Tools: A Chat with Atlassian

As the holiday season approaches, we take a moment to sit down with Sarah Goff-Dupont and James Dumay from Atlassian’s Bamboo team to discuss the full stack of tools used by companies of all sizes, from startups to massive enterprises to NASA to get their software shipped. (Sometimes off of the planet!) Atlassian is known for the bug-tracker Jira, but we discuss the many of the other things they do, the process they use to design the various tools in their stack, how they work to address the special technological and cultural challenges that larger enterprises and governments find themselves facing when working towards scaling a DevOps transformation, and how to get those organizations started. So, grab some turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing, and join us for:

A Cornucopia of Dev[Ops] Tools: A Chat with Atlassian

Join J. Paul Reed, aka @SoberBuildEng, Youssuf El-Kalay, aka @buildscientist, and EJ Ciramella, aka @eciramella for a fireside chat with Atlassian and a Thanksgiving Tool Tip!

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Tool Tip

Youssuf discusses his experience with JetBrains’ recently open-sourced Python IDE PyCharm 3.0 Community Edition (source code!)

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