Five Years of DevOps (and Its Days)

Has it really been five years since the Patrick Debois launched the first DevOps Days in Ghent Belgium?! Turns out: time flies when developers and operations are getting along and getting bits shipped. We sit down with an all-star panel, live from DevOps Days Ghent, including Dave Mangot, Steve Pereira, Kris Buytaert, Gareth Rushgrove, John Willis, and the father himself, Patrick Debois to discuss what the first few DevOps Days were like, how it became an international mainstay of the DevOps Community, where DevOps has been in the last five years and where it’s going in the next five, and what to make of “Enterprise DevOps”; join us for:

Five Years of DevOps (and Its Days)

Join J. Paul Reed, aka @SoberBuildEng and Pete Cheslock, aka @petecheslock for the discussion, plus the last couple of weeks in News & Views and a ToolTip!

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Paul, via Youssuf, introduces us to, a service to automagically generate your .gitignore file for projects.

Their video tutorial walks you through all the .gitignorey goodness!

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How did you get involved with the DevOps community and “movement”?

What do you think is in store for DevOps in the next five years?

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